Secure your servers by blocking off sshd November 30
Make sshd completely inaccessible from the public internet for maximum security.
Building a Recursive DNS Resolver July 29
Learning how DNS resolvers work by building a simple recursive resolver in Go.


A Better Model for Stacked (GitHub) Pull Requests April 23
Stacked pull requests are a useful tool to make large changes comprehensible, but managing these stacks can be tricky. This post introduces the idea of stacked PRs, and goes over strategies and tooling to make managing these stacks easy.


Hosting a Private Static Website on Amazon S3 November 3
Using Lambda@Edge as an authentication layer for static websites hosted on Amazon S3.
Build Log: Send-to-Kindle Service + EPUB Conversion October 30
Notes from building (over a weekend) web service that can convert e-books to MOBI and push them to my Kindle via email.
VMWare + Linux With Multiple Network Interfaces October 23
Connect a VMWare+Linux VM to multiple networks simultaneously, to create a fast (wired) computer-to-computer network while also connected to a home network.